4-H Clover

Enrollment is still open!

Didn't get enrolled in 4-H by the December 1 deadline? No worries, enrollment is still open! The add/drop deadline is May 1. Any new members have to be enrolled by then and current members need to make sure they are enrolled in all the correct projects by then. If you need help navigating 4honline, please call the office!


County Ambassadors

Do you love being a leader? Do you love to learn? Do you love to inspire younger 4-H members? Do you enjoy public speaking and teaching workshops? Do you like to have fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not apply to be a county ambassador! Ambassadors do great work around the state and you could too! 

Contact the office to get an application form. 

To learn more about the ambassador program, check out Montana 4-H's Ambassador Program webpage.


Marias Fair Fun Time

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2018 Marias Fair successful! To all the parents, volunteers, and members we couldn't have done it without you. 


Pondera County 4-H Members at Fair

There are more pictures featuring our wonderful 4-Hers on our Facebook page, be sure to check them out!

Check out the Marias Fair 4-H Website for more Marias Fair information throughout the year.


Upcoming Events


December 1- Beef Weigh-In - Connelly Angus

December 30 - Project Day